Travis Walton

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Travis Walton is perhaps the best and most well-documented case of alleged alien abduction, at least as far as the general public is concerned.

His story is recounted in his book Fire in the Sky, and in the film of the same name (1993). On November 5, 1975, a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona saw a strange bright light in the sky. Walton, one of the logging party, was intrigued and got out of the truck—an act which he regrets to this day—and was blasted by a mysterious bolt of energy. The others fled in terror, and Walton was then missing for five days. No one who has heard Walton speak can doubt his complete sincerity or the traumatic nature of his experience.

It’s hard to discount such a man whom for the past 42 years has stuck to the same story.

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