The Team

Encounter Productions is a small video team based in Ontario, Canada. The filmmakers have been interested in the subject personally, having read many books on the subject and researched hundreds of hours of video footage, films, and mainstream coverage of the phenomenon.

In 2016 they ventured into the field themselves, filming the interview subjects over the course of a weekend at the Alien Cosmic Expo, held in Brantford, Ontario Canada. They wanted the interviews to be raw, genuine, and honest conversations— discussions that allowed viewers to earnestly discover what these experts had to say.

The Series

Encounter: The Series is a new 5-part web documentary series featuring top ufologists interviewed in a closed door, one-to-one setting. 

So often on television shows and in movies you hear sound bites and small clips from each of these people discussing the topic of UFOs and extra-terrestrial life. As documentary filmmakers we wanted to know more about who they are, where they really stand, and why they have knowingly dedicated their lives to a field of study derided by mainstream science.
This series explores the viewpoints, personal stories and current state of some of the most fascinating and difficult subjects: UFOs, extra-terrestrial life, its implications and the possible outcomes of discovering we are not alone.

This series features over an hour of discussions with 5 well-known advocates in the field: historian, author and researcher Richard Dolan, physicist, author and researcher Stanton Friedman, author and journalist Nick Pope (who used to run the British Government’s UFO Project), one of the most well-known alleged abductees Travis Walton, and activist & lobbyist Stephen Bassett.